Business and Industries in Aurora, OH

The former community of New England, Aurora Ohio was founded in 1818 by pioneers from Connecticut. Settlers were attracted to the area because of its abundant water power along the river. This resource helped the early industry flourish in Aurora, producing flour, woolen goods, paper, and machinery.

The first settlers built sawmills and grain mills on the banks of the Black River. In the 1830s, a woolen mill and a sawmill were built on opposite sides of town, which each produced their own brand of cloth.

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Today, Aurora is thriving with many businesses and industries located in the area. The towns' historic downtown, which provides many historic buildings for business use. The population is about 4,000 people.

Among the prominent companies that operate in Aurora, OH include:

Bob Evans Farms Inc.

Founded in 1939 by Bob Evans, the company operates over 600 family-style restaurants located in 18 states with many more expected to open soon. The corporation is currently located in New Albany, OH; which is also where their world headquarters are located.

Meadowbrook Insurance Group

The company was founded in 1927 by Charles F. Meador. Since its inception, Meadowbrook has grown into a regional agency with 10 locations throughout Ohio serving over 20,000 customers. They are located in downtown Aurora along the Black River.

American Greetings Corp., Factory Outlet Store 

The company was founded in 1906 and has been based out of the town since it first began. In 1960, American Greetings took over a local greeting card manufacturer from Aurora called David Bradley Co. It now partially operates from the same building as it did back then on Broad Street. They also have a Factory Outlet Store located downtown which sells all kinds of cards.

Hometown Ohio, Inc.

The organization was started in 1984 by its president and CEO Jim Evans from Aurora who wanted to create a business where the residents of his hometown could purchase local items without having to travel to other towns for them. Today it is a retail store that specializes in selling products made exclusively in Ohio. It is located on the Black River at the old town mill and serves as one of the biggest attractions in Aurora.

Business and Industries in Aurora, OH are strong with the town continuing to grow every year.

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