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Peripheral Neuropathy is a common condition that affects 20 million Americans. It is defined as “damage to or disease affecting nerves, which may impair sensation, movement, gland or organ function, or other aspects of health, depending on the type of nerve affected”. Neuropathy conditions often start as a tingling in the feet or hands which progressively worsens over time leading to pain, burning and/or numbness. Many patients that suffer from symptoms of Neuropathy do not get an accurate diagnosis until the symptoms have become severe. People suffering with neuropathy often times have been told their condition cannot improve or that it is too far advanced for treatment to be effective.


It is common for patients to experience the first symptoms in their extremities (hands, arms, legs and feet).


Diabetes, Statin Drugs, Chemotherapy, Chronic Inflammation, and Degenerative Conditions.


What if there was a solution that may be able to reverse your neuropathy pain without drugs or surgery?

Our Approach to Treatment

Our neuropathy treatment is based on a scientific approach aimed at healing and restoring the function of both the nerves and blood vessels. The damage to the nerves can be caused by many different problems in the body. Poor blood flow to the nerves, toxic levels of sugar in the blood (diabetes), chronic infections, pesticide exposure and genetic variants are a few of the causes of this debilitating condition. The cause is different for every patient and it must be discovered to help the nerves heal! Our four-step approach is also supported by peer-reviewed studies and is FDA approved to increase blood flow, stimulate the small nerve fibers and decrease pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. While medication can be very beneficial for treating many symptoms, it is not intended to correct the root problem causing neuropathy, and it often drives patients to become reliant on medication while their condition continues to worsen.

The doctors at Explore Family Chiropractic are experienced in both treating and diagnosing peripheral Neuropathy. If you are tired of suffering its time to try our approach. We would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss a treatment plan to get you on the path to recovery.


Improve your overall health and regain your vitality for life.
Stop wasting time in pain and get your active life back!
Improve your overall health and regain your vitality for life.
"2 Weeks ago I went in for an appointment and could barely move, let alone stand or walk. Nick had come over to my work to give a presentation several months ago and a few of my coworkers went for a few visits. So I decided to try it out. I just finished my 4th appointment and I am feeling so great! They make sure you are comfortable and that they understand what pain your are experiencing. I definitely recommend them and will be continuing to see them!"
Natalie Caruso
"Fantastic service, Dr. Nick is Awesome, walk in feeling terrible and walk out feeling like a new man!!!

Thank You so much!!!!"
Daniel Kline
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